Chantal Barrett – Jamaica

“The Best Decision Ever”

I am an intern at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs California. I was able to embark on this journey through Jobseekers International Placement Agency. So far I can say the decision to spend a year of my life in a new cultural environment and getting to meet different personalities from around the globe is one of the best one's I've made in my young adult life. I have t...

Shenai Millan – Jamaica

“My awesome summer experience”

My summer experience was awesome. I was placed at the Tan Tar AGolf resorts/estates where I worked with the friendliest set of people I have ever met! On my first day in Missouri, the HR manager came by the dorms to take my roommate and I to the resort for orientation. She was very friendly and was always ready to offer assistance whenever needed. Housekeeping is no easy task but my manager made i...

Simone Daniels – Barbados

“An unforgettable experience”

Going away for the first time without any family members or anyone that I know was very terrifying but everyone there quickly made me feel at home. Like everything for the first time, it started off a bit rough in terms of settling in and becoming adjusted with my new responsibilities. The summer work and travel program was an experience I will never forget. Not only did I make new friends with pe...

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