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What does JIPA stand for?

JIPA stands for Jobseekers International Placement Agency.

What is the cost for Registration?

Registration fee is $2,500 JMD (non-refundable).

What is the cost for Orientation?

Orientation fee is $4,500 JMD (non-refundable).

What is the age requirement for the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program?

You must be between 18 – 28 years old.

Do I have to be a full-time student to apply for the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program?

Yes, you must be a full-time student registered at a Tertiary Institution in order to qualify for our J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program.

Do I have to be able to speak English fluently?

Yes, you must be able to speak English fluently even if it is not your native language.

How long does the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program last?

The Program dates entered on the DS-2019 form sets the particular program duration, but no program can exceed four months. Participants may not work at any other time except during the period indicated on the DS-2019 form. Program extensions are not permitted.

What does the program fee cover for the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program?

  • Guaranteed position prior to embassy interview
  • Health and liability insurance for the duration of the program
  • Pre-appointment visa interview preparation
  • Assist with round trip travel and bookings
  • In country advice and assistance
  • SEVIS fee
  • DS-2019 form needed for embassy appointment

Will I still have to pay for the J-1 Visa or is it already included in the program fee?

Yes, the cost for the J-1 Visa is not included in the program fee. The cost of the J-1 Visa is $21,120JAD (this cost is subject to change without notice).

Where is the office located in Kingston?

We are located at 3 Cargill Avenue, Shop #9, Kingston 10, Jamaica.

What is SEVIS?

SEVIS is an abbreviation for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, a database maintained by the U.S. government to keep track of the addresses of students and exchange visitors. You MUST register in SEVIS within 10 days of your arrival in the United States. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires registration. If you do not register in SEVIS, you may be subject to arrest or deportation.

What if I have not received my Social Security card?

If six weeks have passed and you have not received your card, call the Social Security Administration at 1.800.772.1213. Have your Social Security receipt ready. If you have additional questions, contact Jobseekers International Placement Agency. Important: Your Social Security number is yours alone. Do not allow others to use your number. Record your number in a safe place in case your card is lost or stolen. Protect both your card and your number to prevent misuse.

If I change my address, do I need to register my new address in SEVIS?

Yes. Every time you change your address, you should register your new work address and your physical housing address online or over the phone. No P.O. Box addresses should be entered.