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About Us

We are registered with the Ministry of Labour in Jamaica to operate as a recruiting organization, bringing international employers and job seekers together.

Located in Kingston, Jamaica, JobSeekers International Placement Agency (JIPA) formerly Jobseekers Employment Agency (JEA) brings a fresh and innovative approach to international recruitment programs.

JIPA started as the brainchild of our Managing Director, Pheona Wilson, who in 2003 had difficulties in finding a job. In an effort to move back in the employment line, a decision to assist unemployed individuals in finding jobs locally was made, hence creating a job and the eventual birth of the Jobseekers Employment Agency (JEA).

The success at local employment resulted in recommendations by satisfied employers to other employers. In 2004, JEA was requested by Auto Body Works & Paint Ltd., an employer in Grand Cayman, to provide two experienced and qualified auto-mechanics. This venture was an astounding success and brought JEA its first taste of international job placement. Though the number was only two, the appreciation and gratitude expressed by the applicants and employer were overwhelming and encouraged JEA to explore further. In 2007, JobSeekers International Placement Agency (JIPA) was officially established.

Since then we have worked with Universities and Colleges locally, offering the J-1 Programs to students, graduates and working professionals. We have formed alliances and partnerships with international recruiters and sponsors who have worked with us, allowing us to offer reliable and efficient service to our applicants.

Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of our applicants by offering a customer-friendly environment, increased flexibility, and a personal touch with superb customer service, to ensure that they always get value for their money from a system that functions effectively.

Our services have been extended to institutions outside our shores. We are happy to be able to present these opportunities to institutions in other islands such as Grenada, Barbados, Panama, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Vincent and Costa Rica. Having their students share in the whelm of benefits that these programs have to offer.

Over the years we have added additional programs that allow persons to not only improve their skills but also help to advance their careers. Our current list of programs that we offer includes J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program, J-1 Intern/Trainee Hospitality Program, UK Registered Nursing Program, J-1 Teach USA Program, Professional Chef Program in Australia, and Internship in Agriculture Program in Germany with more programs to be added soon.

It’s been a great pleasure for us to work with some very talented individuals and we look forward to helping you on your journey to success. Give us a call today at 876-906-3654 0r 876-329-3355 to see how we can assist you in finding your dream job. You may also visit our office located at 3 Cargill Avenue, Shop #9, Kingston 10, Jamaica.

We would also like to recognize and show our appreciation to all who have contributed to our growth and success over the years and to those who have moved on to pursue other ventures, we wish you continued success.

Our Staff

Our Mission

To continue to seek opportunities internationally

that will promote growth and empower our youths

while matching our talented and brilliant minds

with the right employers across the world

without compromising on quality/service.


Our Vision

To play our part

in the growth and development

of our nation

by bringing employment opportunities

to our youths.