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    FOR EXAMPLE, I am working is a surgical ward. The ward caters for patients
    undergoing a wide range of general and complex surgical procedures. The surgical
    ward staff are experienced in caring for patients with postoperative complications
    including pain management, wound care and nutritional needs.

    Current Experience:

    General, Acute WardsGeneral, DentalGeneral, ER AcuteGeneral, Elderly CareGeneral, ICUGeneral, MidwiferyGeneral, NICUGeneral, PaediatricsGeneral, NeuroGeneral, PsychiatryGeneral, RenalGeneral, TutorGeneral, MedicalGeneral,GynecologyGeneral,OphthalmicGeneral,OrthopedicGeneral, CardiologyGeneral, SurgeryGeneral, OncologyGeneral OtherCommunity CareMidwife RegisteredPaediatric RegisteredMental Health RegisteredTheatre EndoscopyTheatre RecoveryTheatre Scrub NurseTheatre AnaestheticOtherHealth Care Assistant

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