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             Jobseekers International Placement Agency can get you there with ease through our straightforward and stress-free process. Choose from our list of overseas employment partners and follow the step-by-step application process that will take you a step closer to an unforgettable summer and an opportunity to earn extra income for your school expenses.

    How do you qualify?

    • Must be between 18 – 28 years old.
    • Must be a full-time student in a Tertiary Institution.
    • Must have a valid Passport.
    • Must speak English.


    Step 1: Registration

    • Submit 1 passport-size picture.
    • Submit a colour copy of your passport information page.
    • Submit a copy of your Resume/CV with a smiling photo (see resume template below).
    • Submit a colour copy of your school ID.
    • Submit a Certified (signed & stamped) student status letter from your institution.
    • Submit a completed J-1 Summer Work and Travel Application Form.
    • Payment of Registration Fee of $3,000 JMD and Orientation Fee of $5,000 JMD (non-refundable).
    • Payment of first deposit, due the day of registration or 1 week after payment of Registration and Orientation fee (non-refundable)*.
    • Payment of airfare deposit of $150 USD, due one month after payment of first deposit*.
    • Payment of second deposit, due on December 18th, 2023*.
    • Payment of the third and final deposit, due February 16th, 2024*.

    *Please note: Late fees will be applied if deadlines are not met. A late fee of $50 USD will be applied for each week that a payment is late.

    All documents must be submitted in order to complete the registration process.


    Step 2: Job Selection

    • Create a Skype account.
    • Select your preferred job from the list you will be provided with.
    • Complete interviews with the respective employers and sponsor.
    • Confirm employment and housing.
    • Apply for a transcript from your institution (G.P.A. must be 2.0 and above).
    • Complete program fee payment.


    Step 3: Visa Application

    • Attend Program Orientation.
    • Completion of U.S. Visa Application form.
    • Pay for U.S. Visa by January 31st, 2024.
    • Collect Visa appointment package.
    • Attend U.S. Visa interview.


    Step 4: Bon Voyage!

    • Make flight arrangements through Jobseekers International Placement Agency.
    • Update arrival information on the Sponsor’s portal.
    • Upon arrival, activate SEVIS and apply for your Social Security Number.
    • Start your program!!!!!!

    For further information, you can contact us at:

    3 Cargill Avenue, Shop #9

    Kingston 10, Jamaica

    876 906 3654/ 876 906 8633/ 876 329 3355