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Asheika Pryce – Jamaica

“Rediscover yourself while learning and having fun”

They say the only way to truly rediscover yourself is to be away from those who know you. Without the pressure of being that which people know you to be, you can truly be yourself. While I experienced this before when I moved from Jamaica, a fresh experience this past summer has shined a new light on who I really am. The break from the routine and the creation of many friendships and new experiences was more than I have the words to accurately express.

I visited some fun and interesting places including Sea World, Towers of America and Six Flags. Mexicans make up a huge part of San Antonio’s culture so I experienced that as well, mainly their food.

Working at ‘The Rainforest Café’ was fun and entertaining and an adventure for kids as well as for adults. Like their logo says “a wild place to show and eat”. Co-workers, supervisors and managers were a pleasure to work with.

Travelling is a mirror into one’s own self, seeing yourself through the eyes of new people and how you react to things when you experience them for the first time. This J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program gave me the opportunity to do just that. This is why I will certainly not resist the urge to participate in this program yet another time next year. Thank you Jobseekers International. It was a well-spent summer.


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