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Career Corner

It’s the start of a new summer work and travel season and companies are geared up to promote and present this amazing opportunity to students. Some may have been on the program before, others will have the opportunity to experience it for the first time.

The benefits of participating in this program or any J1 Work and Travel Program are simply marvellous. The experience teaches so much and gives insight into cultures that many of us haven’t even read about. The friendship formed, alliances made, growth and maturity that so many participating students can speak to and not to mention the financial gain.

Given the recent report out of the United States about the actions of a few Jamaican students, we now know that there is another side to the coin. What repercussions will this have for the future of the program? Hmmmm…. Life gives us choices, going on the program is a choice, and choosing the company to get you there is a choice. Therefore, try to figure out what you want from the opportunities you have been given, what will you take from the experiences? Your experience is dependent on the choices you make.