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Cherissa McDonald – Grenada

“Deep gratitude and appreciation for this opportunity”

Expressing my deepest and complete satisfaction with the opportunity granted to me through Jobseekers International to participate in this J-1 Intern/Trainee Hospitality Program. This training has thus far given me the opportunity to develop my skills, grow and learn, and be able to gain individuality by applying myself. Based on my time completed, I have been able to learn three (3) of the four (4) kitchen stations, prepare and serve banqueting events by myself and also prepare the restaurant’s daily special, managing to set a kitchen record of 23 specials priced at $48 individually in one night.

I was also able to improve my communication skills and have been working well with each associate at the resort as well as the guests at buffet breakfasts and dinners. In addition, I have been able to make my way around the state to explore and enjoy scenic features as well as events and festivals of Kentucky including hiking to the Natural Bridge, Mammoth Caves and Cumberland Falls.

Again, I extend deep gratitude and appreciation for this opportunity as I continue with the rest of the program.


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