Kimberley Charles – Grenada

“I am forever grateful for this opportunity”

I am forever grateful to Jobseekers International for this opportunity to partake in the J-1 Intern Program. I have been able to enhance my skills, gain knowledge and interact with individuals from different countries. So far in my program I have been able to do menu analysis, monthly inventory, enhance my knife skills and manage the daily breakfast line and banquet events. I have had the opportun...

Kodelia Joseph – Grenada

“My Amazing Journey”

I've been participating in the JobSeekers International J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program for 2 years now. I've completed that program and I'm now participating in the J-1 Internship Program. It's an amazing experience where you get to travel, gain new experiences and skills based on the career you're trying to achieve. I'm now a Chef at Marriott Sawgrass Resort and my goal is to work at each sta...

Cherissa McDonald – Grenada

“Deep gratitude and appreciation for this opportunity”

Expressing my deepest and complete satisfaction for the opportunity granted to me through Jobseekers International to participate in this intern program. This training has thus far given me the opportunity to develop my skills, to grow and learn, and be able to gain individuality by applying myself. Based on my time completed, I have been able to learn three (3) of the four (4) kitchen stations, p...

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